Raincity Data Cross Connect

Raincity Data provides advanced cross connects across the Annapolis Valley.
We create our cross connect specs according to region.

Cross Connect Services

Whether you own a financial company, a cloud computing or content provider, or an established business, a cross connect inside your data center ensures high-performance, network reliability, redundancy, and low-latency.

Types of Cross Connect Applications
  • E-trading exchanges run dozens of cross connects between servers inside data centers to maximize the number of trades processed per second. Cross connects also eliminate milliseconds of latency that can cost thousands of lost dollars.
  • Content companies running streaming services use a single cross connect to link to major international carriers and ISPs that serve their customers.
  • Cloud providers reduce wait-time to their customers by deploying cross connects to the networks and ISPs serving their users within the same building.
  • International companies connect their most critical applications to multiple global networks for redundancy and lower prices.
Cross Connect Specs:

Raincity Data provides intra-customer cross connect for customers expanding to another space in the same data center. We also provide campus cross connects to allow customers to connect between buildings / floors via conduits with pre-run single-mode fiber.

Types of Cross Connect Available

Select from a variety of options when selecting your cross connect system. Choose between higher speeds and lower latency, or you can choose from our cost saving options, like CAT5 and CAT3.

  • Raincity Data offers CAT5/6, COAX & Fiber Optics.
  • T1 (CAT5) & POTS (CAT3) also offered for lower costs.

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