Raincity Data Home Network Installation

When your at home, it just needs to work.
Trust Raincity to make a system that does.

Home Network Installation Planning & Considerations

Are you thinking about getting a home network established? There’s some things you should consider before starting the project:

1. Which room/s do I want wired?
2. How many ports do I want in each location?
3. What is a good location for distribution?
4. What path should the cables take?
5. What network speed do I need?

Making the right plan when deciding on your home network will save you time and money from maintenance in the future.

What Raincity Can Provide
Want to make your home or office wireless? Move your computers from one room to another without a network cable? Or print from anywhere in your home or office? Do it all, and connect to internet from anywhere in your home!  a Raincity Data Home Network works!
Cat5 or Cat6 Ready

We are flexible to your needs. Our custom plans take your budget and project requirements into account, so we can create the network that works for you. Whether you need Cat5 or Cat6, Fibre Optic, or any other network cable, we can help.

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